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About Olive

Olive is a World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN) Coach who digs deeper into the drivers of human behaviours and the hidden impacts our brains have on performance. She is trained in the best practice cutting-edge neuro-power tools when coaching for high-performance whilst focused on a holistic approach for the strength, wellbeing, and performance of her clients.

Providing a safe psychological space is so important for my clients to maximise their ‘Inner Game’ which is critical to enhance career performance.

Since 2003, Olive has effectively recruited all levels in the Pharmaceutical, Property and Financial sectors and successfully career coached a large number of senior public & private sector individuals to reach the highest levels of their organisations. Having the right mindset, strategy and support has been vital for all individuals concerned.  

Working with an experienced ‘Career Performance Coach’ is a game changer for you to move beyond negative habits, shift out of old thinking patterns and address the limiting beliefs that continuously get in your way from having the career you want.  

So, take control of your Career and work with Olive to develop the confidence and ability to articulate your skills and expertise so you can impact and influence your own career path.

The Job Seeker Handbook

ONLY €10

This job seeker handbook allows you to take control of your career because it identifies the 4 essential steps that allow you to develop the ability to identify and articulate your skills and expertise so you can impact and influence the career you want. 




Be • Do • Have whatever you want from your career. Career Changes, Transitions, Progression and Development. Job Search Strategies / CV Development / Branding / Applications / Interview Preparation / Contract Negotiation / Redundancy and Working from Home Support.

Career Performance Coaching Programs (Individual or Group)

Career Awareness, Mindset Mastery, Career Capital, The ART of Self Promotion, Overcoming Career Challenges, Performance Management, Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Training & Development Workshops and Master Classes

Career Mindfulness & Wellbeing (Individual or Group)

Meditation / Visualisation / Affirmations / Autosuggestion / Relaxation / Stress Management and Resilience Techniques

Mindset & Wellbeing Retreats in Italy (Individual or Group)

All-inclusive 5 day personal and corporate retreats in Lake Como, Italy. The ideal environment to Pause, Reset and Emerge so you can create the career and life you truly want.


‘A true professional with huge industry knowledge. She challenges you to question which provides the platform for you to not only have the confidence but the ability to sell yourself to any interviewer.’
Financial Services
‘I would highly recommend Olive. From the initial contact and right throughout the process I found her very professional, supportive and informative. Olive's knowledge helped me, in not just securing any position, but the right position’, Thanks again.
Property Sector
‘We did it, I got the promotion! I cannot thank you enough Olive for all your patience, motivation, energy and relentless belief in me over the last few months. My confidence was on the floor after the last failed attempt and I tried to walk away a few times, but you encouraged me to go again and now I’m delighted I did.’
Senior Public Sector Executive
‘Olive, you are an excellent coach, that actively listens, remembers what is being said and connects the dots. This gives you an ability to target specific requirements of the person receiving coaching, addressing any issues that arise for them to come up with the strategy to tackle any problem or challenge’
Financial Services
‘The sessions felt as if it was all about me – a lovely feeling to have! You have an ability to make a person feel that you are there for them in that very moment focused completely on their career goals and requirements.’
Property Sector
‘Thanks to Olive's excellent advice and continued support throughout the entire interview & negotiation process I was offered the job I wanted. Olive was fantastic and I can't hesitate to recommend her enough’
Pharmaceutical Sector
‘The quality of coaching is amazing - clear, concise and honest. The most effective part has to be the knowledge gains & practical advice given.’
Property Sector

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Covid 19 Support:
If your career or job has been affected by Covid-19 please book a complimentary coaching session so we discuss putting an action plan in place

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